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Storage Battery Systems, LLC Introduces the Innovative SBS-6000 Digital Battery Analyzer

Storage Battery Systems, LLC., (SBS) an industry leader in battery testing equipment and Power Solutions ™, is pleased to announce the release of their newest digital battery analyzer the SBS-6000.

The SBS-6000 boasts new color screen technology, improved probes for testing batteries at the post and a user friendly interface. The new innovative features of the SBS-6000 ensure battery testing is fast and consistent. Combined with the accompanying software, it becomes a complete battery
diagnostic solution.




Forklift Rodeo Showcases Need for Skill, Safety and Pacing

Many different factors can detract from lift truck battery performance—including a few you might not have thought of. Industry insiders tell us what to watch for.

Fifteen operators competed for the title of forklift rodeo champion at the first ever Midwest Food Processors Association forklift rodeo, held during that organization’s annual convention December 3rd – 5th.  Wisconsin Lift Truck co-hosted the event, partnering with Seneca Foods, SBS Battery, Jax, Kaman and Orbis. The event was held at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee with about 900 key food manufacturing stakeholders from around the Midwest coming together to learn and to network.






battery hydrometer SBS-2003

NEW Product Release: SBS-2003 Digital Battery Hydrometer & Tester with Bluetooth Data Logging

Menomonee Falls, Wi., October 11th, 2013 – Storage Battery Systems, LLC (SBS), an industry leader in Power Solutions™ for stored energy in industrial, utility, stationary, and battery testing equipment, is pleased to release the newly redesigned SBS-2003 Digital Battery Hydrometer & Tester with Bluetooth Data Logging.





Battery room confidential

Many different factors can detract from lift truck battery performance—including a few you might not have thought of. Industry insiders tell us what to watch for.

By Toby Gooley

In some warehouses and DCs, lift truck batteries are taken for granted. Much like car batteries, they're treated as something that can essentially be ignored until there's a problem. But a lift truck battery is not a "set it and forget it" piece of equipment. Rather, it's a complex device powered by electrochemical reactions; compromise the battery's ability to efficiently produce those reactions and you'll diminish its performance and lifespan. Indeed, the key to getting superior performance from a lift truck battery, says Harold Vanasse, vice president of sales and marketing for battery management systems supplier Philadelphia Scientific, is to understand the following fact: "The laws of physics can't be violated!"



Three trends that could reshape the lift truck battery market

Systems integration, super-efficient trucks, and lithium could have a major impact on the battery business, manufacturer says.

By Toby Gooley

Thinking about how technology is changing material handling equipment? It's unlikely that the familiar, box-shaped lift truck battery will come to mind. But perhaps it should. According to Bill Rubenzer, vice president, sales and marketing for the battery manufacturer Storage Battery Systems LLC, several technology trends in the battery market could have a notable impact on warehouse operations.

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