Pro-Fill™ Watering System

Pro-Fill™ Watering System

Model # Pro-Fill Watering System BG-U
by Flow-Rite

Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System

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Product Information

The Pro-Fill Watering System is a vehicle accessory that makes the difficult task of watering Golf Car and Utility Vehicle batteries elementary.


The system consists of automatic shut-off valves mounted in each battery cell and interconnected with tubing. The valves replace standard vent caps. A quick-coupling allows the end of the tubing to be connected to a water supply.


Once connected, water flows into each cell until the correct level has been reached. A flow indicator shows the operator when all the cells have been topped. The entire filling process takes just 30 seconds or less per vehicle.



  • Cost Savings
  • Safety
  • Extended Battery Life & Performance
  • Time-Saving Convenience


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Pro-Fill™ Watering System
Model Number
Pro-Fill Watering System BG-U
12 - 96 v
Battery Dimension (Inches)
Battery Weight
2.0000 lbs

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