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Single Phase

Single-Phase Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)


Storage Battery Systems LLC (SBS Battery) integrates mission-critical solutions with single phase uninterruptible power supply system solutions from more than 10 manufacturers.


Single-phase solutions include on-line, line interactive, and stand-by technologies ranging from 2 to 15 KVA.


Some of the benefits offered with the customized SBS line of single-phase UPS systems include: 


  • Fully transitional rectifier and inverter modules
  • Redundant static bypass
  • Built-in make-before-break maintenance bypass switch (MBS)
  • Low input and output harmonics (THD)
  • Total isolation (even in bypass)
  • Hardwire and "plug-n-play" configurations
  • Power factor correction
  • On-board SNMP interface
  • Full time power conditioning
  • Wide input voltage and frequency window 
  • 3-year on-site bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • SB connectors for extended run time battery options
  • N+1 redundancy & parallel operation 
  • UL 2601 (medical grade certification)
  • Common & Normal mode noise attenuation
  • Advanced connectivity & communication options 


Critical Asset Management

The deployment of numerous single phase UPS across the enterprise in multiple server rooms and at many work stations make maintenance, battery replacement and end-of-life evaluations difficult.  In today's IT environment you may not have the time to devote to managing this asset. 


Let SBS put its program management expertise to work for you handling depot repairs, scheduled battery change-outs, a revolving spare and replacement unit rotation.  SBS provides on-site and depot service, as well as maintenance agreements (PM) to keep your UPS systems in proper working order.


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