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KB Series: Vented Pocket Plate (Multi-Cell Blocks)

Flooded Ni-Cad Batteries (8 - 1540 AH)

Nickel Cadmium pocket plate batteries are the most reliable and rugged batteries available today. They can withstand, to a great extent, any type of abuse like overcharge, deep discharge, even accidental reverse charge and can be stored in any state of charge. Pocket plate batteries are manufactured in 3 series (L, M, & H) based on their performance capabilities. They are available in 1.2V, 2.4V and 3.6V multi-cell blocks.


SBS’s pocket plate batteries are supplied with the electrolyte, intercell connectors, related hardware and accessories required for normal operation and maintenance.



• Long float life: 20–25 years
• Highest reliability among all battery systems
• Operating temp of: -4° F to 131° F (Storage: -22° F to 113° F)
• Low maintenance
• No shedding/loss of plate material
• Quick charge capability
• Very resistant to electrical and mechanical abuse
• Flame-arresting vent protection
• Long shelf life
• No emission of corrosive gases
• Good charge retention


flooded nickel cadmium batteries




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Technical Data

Pocket Plate Cell Series

Capacity Range (AH)

Plate Information

Plate Thickness

Typical Back-Up

Typical Applications

Low Rate - Long Duration - KBL

8 - 1540

Thick plates to provide a large capacity reserve for a long duration

5 mm

3 hrs or more

Telecom, power plants, emergency lighting, photovoltaic, fire alarms

Medium Rate - KBM

10 - 1460

Optimized plate thickness which is ideal for medium discharge performance and durations

3 mm

30 min to 3 hrs

Switchgear protection, UPS, emergency lighting, instrumentation and process control

High Rate - KBH

10 - 930

Thin plates to provide an excellent high rate discharge performance

2 mm

Below 30 min

UPS, generator starting


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