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KFX Series: Fibre Plate

Flooded Fibre Plate Ni-Cad Batteries

Flooded Nickel Cadmium Cells for Engine Starting Applications


Nickel-Cadmium cells with fibre plate electrodes have been successfully used for many decades. They have been proven and tested to meet operating requirements under the most extreme conditions. They are designed for engine starting applications.


The Nickel Fibre matrix used for the fibreplate allows 90% of the electrode volume for holding the active material. 


  • Excellent cycle life: 3000+
  • Operating temp: -22° F to 131° F
  • Low internal resistance
  • High energy density
  • Quick charge capability
  • Low water consumption
  • Very resistant to electrical and
  • mechanical abuse
  • No emission of corrosive gases
  • Flame-arresting vent protection


The Nickel Fibre matrix used for the fibre plate allows 90% of the electrode volume for holding the active material. The three dimensional fibre structure also provides good conductivity to ensure excellent electrical performance. In addition, the Nickel Cadmium Fibre plate technology uses active material free from graphite and iron. Elimination of graphite ensures that the electrolyte does not get carbonated and the elimination of iron reduces water consumption and extends life.


SBS’s fibre plate batteries are supplied with the electrolyte, intercell connectors, related hardware and accessories required for normal operation and maintenance.


flooded fibre plate nickel cadmium batteries




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