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Battery Fuel Gauges

Fuel Gauges for all Types of Batteries



• Multicolor 10-bar LED displays state of charge (5 green,3 yellow, 2 red LEDs)

• Flashing red LED signals “energy reserve” alarm at 70% discharged

• Double flashing red LEDs signal “empty” alarm at 80% discharged

• Normally closed relay opens at 80% discharge for lift lockout. This unique holding relay will only lock out at the end of alift cycle.

• Recognizes improperly charged battery

• Keys which activate LED display (Fuel gauge electronics are energized as long as they remain connected to the battery)

• Wide range adjustable discharge profile

• Dual reset methods in each gauge: Open Circuit Reset for vehicles that exchange batteries and Charge Tracking Reset for vehicles whose batteries remain connected to the gauge during recharge.




Curtis Model 803 combines in one instrument a completely solid state battery discharge indicator, an LCD hour meter and lift lockout, housed in a 52 mm case.


Void of moving parts, this combination instrument is exceptionally reliable even in severe operating environments.



Model 803 is a combination gauge ideally suited for electrically powered vehicles.

power fuel gauge for batteries