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Forklift / Motive Power Battery Vent Caps

Water Miser 2000 Safety Vent Cap

This flip top vent cap features the most advanced design and engineering techniques in the battery industry. This vent cap with its modular design is the future of the lead-acid battery.


This product is ergonomically correct and allows maintenance people to check the electrolyte fluid level without removing the cap from the battery.


The snap-on design of the flip top to the body allows the positioning of the closure to rotate in any direction.



Miser battery vent caps
Miser 2000 battery vent caps







Bayonet Vent Cap

All of our 1/4 turn bayonet vent caps come equipped with a standard rubber gasket. Color: yellow.



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Bayonetbattery vent caps
Bayonet Vent Cap

Push In Flip Top Fill Cap
Push In Flip Top Fill Cap