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SBS-4815CT: Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Discharger / Capacity Tester for 24/48 Vdc Battery Systems


The SBS-4815CT is a fully programmable, constant current discharge load bank with detailed data acquisition and display capabilities.


Built-in memory continuously records discharge data.




  • Provides 0–150A adjustable current for different load testing requirements and performs constant current discharges while testing
  • 5.7 in. LCD touch screen for easy operation and display of various parameters in real time
  • 4 programmable stop points and multiple alarm settings to control the discharge automatically
  • Supports RS-232 real time monitoring with a PC or stores data internally for later transfer via a USB device
  • PC software included for detailed analysis of test results and generation of reports
  • Wireless modules included for individual cell data collection during testing
  • Can be powered from DC or AC power supply


battery discharger software screenshotAnalytical Software

  • Powerful analytical software calculates test results and reports battery cell conditions and capacity
  • Software interface displays detailed graphs and charts for all battery test data
  • Features the ability to export raw data into Excel for the creation of customized reports





Wireless Moduleswireless modules for SBS-200CT


  • Wireless modules are included for collection of individual cell/battery voltage data during discharge
  • For 2V, 6V or 12V batteries (optional 1.2V Ni-Cd modules available)
  • Each module is capable of monitoring up to 4 cells/batteries at a time
  • Wireless technology eliminates having hundreds of feet of signal cables lying underfoot while performing testing



Internal Memory

  • Saves each test result automatically and protects data
  • Menu interface provides data management operations like test results review, deleting or downloading of results by RS-232 or USB device to the PC software



Preset Feature

  • Can be programmed with up to 8 sets of test parameters, speeding up test setup and performance



Discharge Ranges

Voltage Range Current Range
20 - 40 V 0-75A
40 - 60 V 0-150A



Ordering Information

Part No. Description
SBS-4815CT Battery discharge & capacity tester



Accessory Ordering Information

Part No. Description
8400-600A 600 DC Current Clamp
BCT110/220 - 1000 1000 Watt Voltage Transformer 110/220 Vac 50/60 Hz
8400-SLAVE-CABLE For operating in parallel with load banks of same voltage range



battery discharge and capacity tester for 24V and 48V battery systems





  - SBS-4815CT Data Sheet

  - Instruction Manual









  • Telecom
  • Forklifts, AGVs
  • Golf Carts
  • Power Plants
  • Oil Companies






portable battery discharge and capacity tester for 24V and 48V battery systems






Additional Benefits

  • Space-saving (16" x 9" x 8")
  • Portable







  • Main unit
  • Wireless modules (qty. 6 +1 spare)
  • PC analysis software
  • DC test (power) cables
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying case





portable battery discharge and capacity tester rear side





DC Volt Range 20-60 Vdc
DC Current Range 20-40 Vdc: 0-75 Amps
40-60 Vdc: 0-150 Amps
Accuracy & Resolution +/-1.0%, 0.1 Amp
Display 5.7 inch LCD color touch screen
Power Supply 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Communications Port US / RS232
Internal Memory 8MB Flash
Size (main unit) 15.7" x 8.7" x 7.9"; 21 lbs.
Size (with case/acc.) 20.5" x 19.7" x 15"; 62 lbs.


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