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EquaLink Battery Monitoring System

Complete Battery Management System

Balances Voltage, Analyzes, and Monitors Batteries


EquaLink uses the most advanced technology in the industry. Through its patented voltage balancing process, EquaLink calibrates the charging voltage of all batteries with the charger’s target value, keeping all batteries within the optimal voltage operating range. The constant monitoring and harmonization of the individual charging voltages of batteries helps to guarantee the availability of the battery at all times. It uses web management technology to monitor the temperature, internal resistance and voltage of every single battery in the system.


EquaLink is the ideal system for lead-acid batteries (open/wet cell, maintenance-free, gel, AGM, etc.) as well as Ni-Cad, NiMH and most types of Li-Ion batteries.



  • Prevents unexpected battery failure
  • Increases battery capacity
  • Extends battery life
  • Web-based system


battery monitoring system diagram



  • Patented Active EQ voltage balancing process
  • Downloadable battery history
  • SNMP and Modbus communication
  • Battery voltages 2 to 16 Vdc
  • Listed to UL 60950 standards
  • Regulates charging



Status Log Includes Data for Each Battery:


battery monitoring system software voltage screenshot



























How It Works

The EquaLink system uses a method of impedance measurement called synchronous detection. It sends out an impedance waveform analysis where the waveform is dependent on the UPS technology and begins to take impedance snapshots. The system then takes the entire impedance measurements, including Resistance and Reactance, and pulls out the pure resistive value of the battery. This will isolate any frequency-related AC signals. What we see with this type of impedance measurement is with the DC link open or closed the margin of error between measurements is very low and repeatable so there are no false positives.





battery management/monitoring EquaLink





 PDF document - EquaLink Data Sheet

 PDF document - System Components Sheet

 PDF document - Instruction Manual

 PDF document - EquaLink Web Manager Manual



Available Environmental Monitoring

  • Temperature (ambient)
  • Humidity
  • Acid fill level
  • Hydrogen gas concentration



battery module for EquaLink management/monitoring system



battery management system software voltage graph












Extension of Service Life

The service life of a string of batteries depends on the weakest cell of the weakest battery in the string. Typically, in a UPS, the service life of such a string is 20% of what is called for by manufacturing designs. By virtue of the balancing process, each of the batteries within the string is maintained at optimal voltage levels, eliminating the ill-effects of improper charging. The constant care provided for by the Balancing process has been shown to increase service life of batteries.


Detect Imminent Battery Issues

Typical battery problems like sulfation, corrosion, gassing, dryout, and thermal runaway are detectable given proper monitoring. Changes in impedance and temperature - which are monitored by EquaLink - tend to indicate the onset of such issues.


Screenshot of Equalink Live Viewer:

battery management system software screenshot















Additional Major Benefits

Detect Stratification

By catching increases in impedance and drifting voltages, EquaLink allows the user to detect battery stratification.


Prevent Thermal Runaways

By means of an embedded dry contact output, the EquaLink system is capable of tripping the battery breaker in the event of thermal runaway. Automatic battery disconnection is possible, given the presence of a GX_R_AUX relay, which trips the battery breaker when user defined parameters are met.


Advance Warning System

Because it monitors key battery parameters and set thresholds, EquaLink is able to provide advance warning (via audio, video, and network messages) of system events that require attention.


Alert System

EquaLink monitors system data and environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, hydrogen gas concentration, acid fill level, DC current, dry contacts, etc.). Alerts can be set up, and this information can be accessed via multiple communications systems.


Regulate Charging

EquaLink is designed to monitor and optimize lead-acid and other battery types in a given battery system.


Avoid Overcharging

The balancing process prevents the unintended overcharging of batteries. (By preventing overcharging, EquaLink helps to limit gassing, dry-out, and thermal runaway.)



EquaLink improves the service quality by providing remote monitoring through Internet, VPN, or any network that allows for the downloading of real time data and battery history. It is now possible to test batteries without going to the trouble of disconnecting them from the system. Maintenance and testing take place under real operating conditions and require no downtime.



Power Consumption (Normal) 20mA
Power Consumption (Sleep) <1mA
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 60C
Internal Resistance Precision <5%
Voltage Precision <0.5%
Temperature Precision <15%
MTBF (Calculated) 87,600 hours



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