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Internal Resistance Testing Kits

Complete Battery Resistance Testing Kits/Battery Analyzers

SBS’s portable internal resistance/voltage tester is the fastest and most accurate resistance tester available today. In just seconds, the unit tests and records a battery's internal resistance, voltage and temperature. The unit will give a Pass / Warning / Fail indication.  Battery management software is included with each testing kit which will help the user easily identify bad cells, create reports, save data and ensure the integrity of backup power systems.  With a large 3.8” backlit LCD screen, a straightforward menu, and Excel-based software, the SBS-6500 is the most simple internal resistance testing unit on the market to learn and operate.


Routinely testing a battery's internal resistance assures the reliability of backup power systems and helps prevent unexpected failures.  Our digital battery testing kit will come complete with everything needed to test all types of batteries as well as the software necessary to create reports for trending purposes and to satisfy NERC PRC-005 requirements and IEEE recommendations.


Internal resistance testing is commonly done in the utility, telecommunications, UPS and transportation industries.


View our Internal Resistance Testers below:


digital battery analyzer portable for battery resistance testing



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SBS-6500 Internal Resistance Tester

SBS-6500 Internal Resistance Tester
Internal Resistance Tester and Battery Analyzer: SBS-6500

SBS-6000 Battery Internal Resistance Tester

SBS-6000 Battery Internal Resistance Tester
Internal Resistance Tester and Battery Analyzer: SBS-6000

SBS-EX I.R. Tester

SBS-EX I.R. Tester

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