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Ferro Magnetics: Ferro Resonant

Ferro Magnetics ferroresonant battery chargerFerroresonant charging has been used for over 50 years because of its reliability and simplicity of design and repair. Today, modern, controlled manufacturing practices and materials allow us to manufacture a ferro resonant charger that achieves high energy efficiency, 87% and power factor, 90%. The design itself creates a fail-safe environment for your battery. If a component fails, the charger will fail to either a low output or no output condition.

The Ferro Magnetics ferroresonant chargers are designed for a 4.5% finish rate at 2.6 Vpc (+/- 1%) with a line variation of +6-/-10%. The charge control interacts with the battery and the charger output ends when the battery reaches its perfect fully charged state DvDt/ DiDt. The 271 & 272 controls are factory set for automatic equalize but a manual equalize may be performed at any time with the push of a button

Select your ferroresonant charger based on your application. 

XR series

Rapid Recovery  6 hours or less for a 100% discharged battery.  Used as an opportunity charger in a 1 -2 shift application or in an application where the battery stays in the truck and needs a little help making it thru a busy shift.  The start rate of 25% and finish rate of 4.5% is perfect for a gentle re-charge of the battery without heating issues. Available in single phase( XRS) or three phase  (XRT).  Full range of input voltages available including 50HZ.   UL ULc listed.

X series

Re-charge a 100% discharged battery in 8 hours or less.  The workhorse of the ferroresonant family.   This charger is used in warehouses, stores,  manufacturing facilities , transportation facilities – anywhere the trucks are being used hard and batteries are being discharged to 20% state of charge.  Start rate of 18% and finish rate of 4.5% guarantees an 8 hours or less re-charge on a 100% discharged battery. Available in single XPS or three phase  XPT.  Full range of input voltages available including 50HZ.  UL ULc listed.

H series

Recharge 80% discharged battery in 8 hours or less.   This charger is perfect for the lighter  used battery. 1 or 2 shift application but where the battery doesn’t get fully discharged during the day.   Same ferroresonant  design and protections but a lower start rate of 14.7% with a 4.5% finish. Light manufacturing , retail.    Available in single (HPS) or three phase  (HPT).  Full range of input voltages available including 50HZ.  UL ULc listed.

V series

Budget restricted user.   Sometimes you want a “Cadillac”  but the budget says to make do with a “Chevy”. They both get the job done but one has less bells and whistles than the other.  The “V” series charger is a ferroresonant transformer design with an efficiency of 87% or better and a power factor of 90% or better.   It was designed to allow budget conscience buyers the opportunity to use a USA made product instead of having to purchase  foreign made. The “V” utilizes a button diode assembly and a straight forward control that starts automatically when the battery of a proper voltage is connected and stops when the battery is fully charged at DvDt/ DiDt.  The charger incorporates all of the intrinsic battery safety features built into a ferroresonant transformer.  Select charger for  8 hour (VXT)  or 10 hour (VHT)  re-charge time. Finish rate is 4.5% Available in single (VS) or three phase  (VT)Full range of input voltages available. UL ULc listed.

Specialty Ferroresonant chargers:

ST series

16 hour re-charge  of an 80% discharged battery.  This charger is a standard ferroresonant charger  with a start rate of 6.6% and a finish rate of 4.5%.  The ST is perfect for limited  use battery (12-48 volt) in a single shift application that has 16 hours available to recharge the battery.   These are in a non-accessible, light duty cabinet and single phase configuration only.


CCL Constant Current Loaner

This charger is perfect for charging several different battery sizes and configurations.  With an automatic control, this charger is great for rental fleets and as a “loaner” charger.  The CCL charger is a universal ferroresonant charger with a  constant current to the battery of 28 amps. It will charge any combination within 2- 24 cells with a constant current. The charger is mounted on a sturdy two wheeled cart for ease of transportation and use. Input voltage is 120/1/60 and draws a maximum of 15 amps ac so it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.  UL, ULc listed.

CCS Constant Current Shop

Designed for the shop that needs to charge several different batteries  sizes with just one charger. The CCS  charger is a universal ferroresonant charger with a higher constant current to the battery  than the loaner version. It will charge any combination within 2- 36 cells at the constant current rating of the nameplate.  Intended for  fixed installation in the shop, the CCS is available in single or three phase with DC amp output ranging from 40 to 150 amps.  The CCS is available with an automatic or mechanical timer.Ul, ULc listed