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Powered Mobile Carts

Mobile Powered Workstation Carts

These self-contained mobile, rechargeable battery-powered carts can be used for many applications including: computer workstation carts, point-of-sale (POS), picking carts for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce, inventory, and point-of-care workstations in hospitals.


Made of powder-coated steel for durability.


Power compartment is isolated for safety and holds battery pack / battery charger.



  • Mobile carts with battery power - ideal for industrial or workplace applications
  • Self-contained power for safe operating
  • Long life sealed non-hazardous VRLA battery/batteries
  • Battery status/health meter
  • Power supply/battery charger with LED display or indicators
  • Industrial grade DC to AC power inverter
  • Up to (4) 120 Vac receptacles
  • SB connectors for quick and safe connect/disconnect
  • Large industrial swivel/locking rubber caster wheels
  • Sliding keyboard tray (L1, L2 and R3SK only)
  • Bar-code scanner holder (all)
  • Paper bins (PMC-R3SK only)



- Point-of-care workstation in hospitals
- Powered transaction surfaces
- P.O.S. (Point of Sale)
- Inventory control, including RFID
- Order picking / order pulling
- Mobile scanning & printing
- Mobile extended runtime applications
- Warehousing & distribution centers
- Shipping and receiving
- Manufacturing
- Utility service carts
- Telecom service carts

mobile battery powered cart




VRLA batteries for mobile powered carts












Integrated DC Cart Solutions

Our power carts meet your portable power needs, such as scanner carts, portable registers, wireless computing and mobile printing or labeling.

SBS has specialized in power solutions since 1915 and provides comprehensive systems for all AC and DC outputs. By integrating our DC power cart solution, unit reliability and component compatibility is enhanced.


Individual components such as carts, battery packs, DC to AC inverters, DC to DC inverters, built-in chargers for mobile carts, and AGM or Gel batteries are also available. 





 dc battery operated mobile computer cart


PMC-L1 Power Cart

PMC-L1 Power Cart
Battery-powered cart L1:
48.25 L x 30 W x 37.75 H

PMC-L2 Power Cart

PMC-L2 Power Cart
Battery-powered cart L2:
30.75 L x 24.5 W x 27.75 H

PMC-J5 Power Cart

PMC-J5 Power Cart
Battery-powered cart J5:
29.44 L x 22 W x 33 H

PMC-R3SK Power Cart

PMC-R3SK Power Cart
Battery-powered cart R3SK
32.44 L x 26.0 W x 39.5 H

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