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Hydrogen Gas Monitoring in Stationary & Utility Applications


The Risks of Unmonitored Hydrogen in Battery Installations white paper dives into this critical topic, thoroughly examining the hazards of hydrogen relative to stationary battery installations, fire code regulations and hydrogen-monitoring best practices.


Link to Risks of Unmonitored Hydrogen in Battery Installations white paper


The white paper includes:

  • Real world cases of, and technical explanations behind, hydrogen detonation in battery systems
  • An overview of NFPA regulations and codes
  • A comparison between portable and full installation monitoring solutions


 Click Here to Download PDF White Paper


Hydrogen becomes explosive at concentrations of 4% or higher, but maintaining concentration levels below the maximum threshold depends on various factors. Some of these include:

  • The amount and type of equipment being used
  • The size of the charging area
  • Various building codes


Every year, there are countless safety concerns raised by unions and individual employees regarding the possibility of gas explosions, and it is important to understand how to reduce or completely eliminate these concerns.


Installing the SBS-H2 hydrogen detection system on site will eliminate most of these concerns, saving management time and money, while also increasing safety and giving employees peace of mind.


In existing battery rooms, fans can be controlled by using the built-in relay to activate when the hydrogen level exceeds 1% gas concentration. Additional SBS-H2 safety features can be integrated with fire alarm panel zones, building management systems, network monitoring hubs, and can interface with MODBUS and SCADA systems.


Calculate your room ventilation requirements online

CLICK HERE:  Calculating ventilation requirements in your battery area



The SBS-H2 Detector

hydrogen detector and monitor for battery rooms

  • Signals a yellow LED ‘Warning’ light when hydrogen concentration reaches 1-2%. The ‘Warning’ relay contact will also close allowing power to peripherals, such as a vent fan
  • Signals a red LED ‘Alarm’ light when hydrogen concentration reaches 2% or more. The ‘Alarm’ relay contact will also close allowing users to shut down the system or initiate the building alarm.
  • Sounds a built-in audible alarm if concentration exceeds 2%
  • Operates on either 110/220 Vac, 50/60 Hz or 12-48 Vdc
  • Measures a compact 4.74”L x 5.25”W x 1.4”D


At under $1,000 per unit, the SBS-H2 is a sound investment that will be a valuable safety addition to any battery charging area.

Learn more about the SBS-H2 hydrogen detector 

  - Download the SBS-H2 Data Sheet