Model # STT2V150 / 3 OPzS 2-150
STT2V150 / 3 OPzS 2-150 / DIN40736 series 20 year Lead-Selenium Flooded Tubular Plate Battery. Manufactured in accordance with OPzS DIN40736 standards.

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STT2V150 / 3 OPzS 2-150

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Product Information

STT / OPzS Series 20 year Lead-Selenium Flooded Tubular Plate Battery
Manufactured in accordance with OPzS DIN40736 standards.


Model Number
STT2V150 / 3 OPzS 2-150
8 Hr. Ah Rate to 1.75 V/cell
2 v
Battery Dimension (Inches)
4.06L x 8.11W x 16.1H
Battery Weight
34.2000 lbs
Electrolyte Weight (lbs)
11.1 lbs
Electrolyte Volume
1.1 gallons
I.R. (m0hms)
1.15 m0hms
Short Circuit Current (Amps)
1860 amps
Number of Positive Plates

Application Information

Switchgear / Substations
Power Generation
Microwave Relay Sites
Solar / Photovoltaic
Oil and Gas

Construction Information

Lead Selenium/Low-Antimony

By utilizing a small amount of selenium in the grid alloy, a dense fine grain structure is produced. This alloy is extremely corrosion-resistant and virtually eliminates inter-granular corrosion which is one of the most common causes of cell failure.

A lead selenium cell combines the advantages of both lead calcium and lead antimony cells while exhibiting none of the disadvantages.


- 20 year design life
- Watering intervals: 1-3 years
- Leak-proof post seal
- High cycle life: 1200+ cycles @ 80% DOD
- 100%+ capacity upon delivery
- No positive plate growth
- Tank formed plates
- Safe — zero voltage exposed to personnel
- Flip-top, easy-fill, flame arrestor vent caps
- Withstands high temperature applications better than lead-calcium batteries
- Many in stock and ready to ship!

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