Ecotec: Ecopoint HF1 Industrial Battery Charger

The Ecotec Ecopoint charger is a single phase industrial battery charger that fully chargers a discharged battery in approximately eight hours. With the ECO-205 control, you can store nine critical data points for the last 800 charge cycles. A USB port located on the front of the charger allows for easy data collection and setting charge parameters.

Ecotec features a wide singe phase AC input voltage range of 190–240 VAC. Voltage changeover is not required when operating within the rated voltage range.

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Application Information


  • Efficient High Frequency Single Phase Input
  • Nearly Unity (0.99) Power Factor
  • 4 Status LEDs
  • 2 Safety shutdown modes
  • Smart proportional charge termination
  • Simple operation
  • Easy service
  • Standard 190 thru 240 VAC input voltage range
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Wall mounted case

Four Status LEDs

  • Green = Charging
  • Yellow = 80% Charged
  • 2nd Green = Charging Complete
  • Flashing Green = Equalize Charging
  • Red = Fault
Dimensions 7" D x 13" W x 20.5" H
Charge Duration Eight hours for fully discharged battery
UL Listed Yes
cUL Listed Yes


  • Forklifts
  • Material Handling