Industrial Li.ON FORCE Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Li.ON FORCE industrial battery is one of the most innovative Lithium-Ion solutions on the market. Easy connectivity and serviceability make the LI.ON FORCE battery an ideal solution for Motive Power applications. With seventeen layers of safety, it is among the safest and most efficient Lithium-Ion industrial batteries.

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Application Information

  • Multi-Shift Operation: Li.ON FORCE batteries are able to take advantage of fast and opportunity charging, allowing the battery to fully recharge in two hours and able to recover up to 40% of its discharged capacity during a 30-minute break
  • Technological Advantage: A safe maintenance-free solution with long cycle life
  • Easy Charging: No need for a central battery station since the battery can remain connected to the forklift during the charging procedure, no special infrastructure for ventilation
  • High Energy Output: Li.ON FORCE technology offers higher energy density resulting in excellent voltage and stability during discharge
  • Retrofit Design: Can be retrofitted to accommodate conventional lead acid DIN and BS battery trays along with the option for a customized solution
  • Emission Free: Ideal solution for pharmaceutical, food processing and food storage type applications
Compatibility with a Wide Range of Forklift Trucks
Name Industrial Li.ON FORCE Lithium-Ion Batteries
Model Number Li.ON FORCE

More Information

Battery Interface

  • Charging selection button (fast, standard, slow)
  • On-board state of charge display
  • Single power-on mounted on battery
  • Two integrated power plugs for easier recharge without removing the battery from forklift

BMS and Power Circuit

  • Continuous monitoring of operating parameters such as voltage, temperature and current
  • Fully regulated charge/discharge procedure and integrated balancing function for maximum protection and enhanced battery cycle life
  • Indication of State of Charge (SoC)
  • Industrial design optimizes cable management and easy access to all battery compartments

Modular Design

  • Maximum safety
  • Full monitoring and balancing per cell
  • Robust construction
  • Serviceability

Battery Housing

  • Available in all sizes including standard DIN and custom tray sizes
  • Retrofit for conventional lead acid battery trays
  • Additional compartment for counterweight in order to meet weight requirements
  • Durable design allows for easy handling
  • Serviceability
  • Flexibility on special demand