MTC EZ Puller: Non-Powered Forklift Battery Puller

The EZ Puller Model EZP-24 is ideal for facilities that require only a few battery changes each day. It can be mounted to a single pallet truck or it can be ordered with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks. Fork pockets are available for standard fork sizes 27", 42" or 48" in length.

The unit features a 4-to-1 hand crank that makes it easy to remove or replace lift truck batteries. The safety latch located in front of the battery carriage is used to lock the battery in place while it is being transported.

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Application Information


  • Provides quick and reliable battery changing
  • Assures long life and level battery transfers
  • Easy-to-clean and acid resistant


  • Manual battery extraction
  • Heavy-duty rollers
  • Durable powder coat finish
Dimensions 60.5"L x 42"W
Carriage Width 24.5"
Chain Reach 13"
Chain Height 23"
Maximum Battery Weight 3000 lb.
Maximum Battery Dimensions (L x W x H) 41" x 24"
Carriage Roller Dimensions 2.5"
Roller Width 23.5"
Roller Height W/ Out Fork Pockets 3"
Optional Fork Pocket Size 9.5" x 3.75" on 13.5" center line