Low Maintenance and Maintenance-Free Batteries

Spend Less Time Maintaining Batteries!

low maintenance industrial batteries for material handling
The SBS battery provides excellent cycle life and performance in virtually all applications.

Low Maintenance

SBS offers a low maintenance system which utilizes a specialized battery and charger design. Watering intervals are reduced from weekly to only 5 times a year in most applications. This system is ideal for medium to heavy use applications and will provide excellent cycle life. When combined with our low maintenance PM program, you can eliminate watering issues completely.

Maintenance Free

In light to moderate duty cycles, SBS offers a completely maintenance-free battery system when used with an approved matching charger. This battery does not require water during its life. Available in AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Gel designs.

Maintenance Free Battery Pack

For light duty pallet truck applications, SBS offers an economical, maintenance-free battery pack system with an on board battery charger which can be connected to any 100 Volt outlet.

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