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battery lifting crane

The Hydraulic Traveling Gantry Crane (Model HTG) is designed specifically for changing batteries in sit-down riders and other types of lift trucks that do not allow for side extraction.

  • Is the ideal system when battery changing must be done from overhead
  • Offers six-way motion at a fraction of the cost of a bridge crane
  • Is easy to assemble and install
  • Can be expanded as your lift truck fleet grows

The hydraulic power unit provides positive soft starts and stops for safety and control while batteries are being changed.

The unique design offers several advantages:

  • The modular design of the system allows for easy expansion as battery handling needs grow
  • The fine-tuned operating speeds of both the crane and the hoist allow the PowerCrane to provide a safe and efficient battery change
  • The numerous configurations and options available enable the design of an overhead battery system that meets your needs


  • Free-standing crane design
  • Hydraulic powered travel
  • 4000 lb./1814kg or 6000 lb./2722kg capacity
  • 10’/3m or 12’/4m under-beam height
  • Up to 20’/6m between uprights
  • Dual-sided drive system
  • Low profile flat guide track
  • All functions controlled from a single push button pendant
  • Modular design dual hydraulic drive motors


  • No investment in building modifications or permanent structures necessary
  • Ensures safety
  • Easy-to-use
  • Capable of handling most standard lift truck batteries
  • Easily adapts as your battery handling needs change
  • Smooth, safe battery changing

Non-powered, track-guided, and portable gantry cranes with hoists are also available.

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PDF document Gantry Crane Data Sheet

Diagram of Typical Layout

Using a Model HTG-20, (3) HS-144 Battery Racks, Stainless Steel Wash Rack,
and H20-150-NOS Water Recirculation System:

Forklift battery lifting power crane

Electric Chain Hoist

  • Push or motorized trolley
  • 2 or 3 ton
  • Standard 240/480V 3-phase (other voltage available - please specify when ordering)
  • Pendant priced separately