Portable Battery Changers

Portable Battery Changing Equipment

  • WBP Walk -A-Puller
    Walk-A-Puller (MTC Model WBP)
    Designed to handle a wide variety of lift trucks from high capacity turret trucks and counter balance trucks to AGVs. Available in a variety of battery compartment heights.
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  • Attach-a-puller battery changer attached to a pallet jack
    Attach-A-Puller (MTC Model ABP)
    Powered from the pallet jack battery and limited to the host truck's height capability, the ABP is a safe, flexible and affordable small fleet battery changer.
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  • EZ Puller battery extractor for manual battery extraction
    EZ-Puller (MTC Model EZP)
    An the inexpensive alternative to powered transfer carts, the EZ Puller is ideal for facilities that require only a few battery changes each day. It can be mounted to a single pallet truck with convenient fork pockets for use on multiple trucks.
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  • mechanical battery loader and transporter
    Battery Transporter with Mechanical Loader (MTC Model BT)
    Designed for smaller lift truck fleets that need easier battery changing, it can handle batteries weighing up to 3,000 lbs. and is available in manually-powered and electrically-powered models.
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  • mobile battery extractor
    Mobile Battery Extractor (BHS Model MBE)
    The Mobile Battery Extractor is a self-contained extractor that enables you to change batteries anywhere in your facility. The versatile MBE handles a wide variety of applications and is recommended for up to 50 battery changes per day.
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  • mobile battery transfer
    Battery Transfer Carriages (BHS Model BTC)
    A complete family of manual and powered battery transfer carriages.
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  • battery bridge trolley
    Bridge Trolley (BHS Model BT)
    The bridge trolley allows for single-person changing operations in lighter battery applications.
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  • walkie battery transfer carriage
    Walkie Transfer Carriage (BHS Model WTC)
    A non-powered changer designed for small fleet users, this carriage comes in three models.
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  • automatic battery transfer carriage
    Automatic Transfer Carriage (BHS Model ATC)
    The ATC converts an existing pallet truck into an efficient, portable battery changer.
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