Battery Transporter with Mechanical Loader

Battery Transporter with Mechanical Loader

MTC BT Series battery transporter with mechanical loader

Handles Batteries Weighing up to 3,000 Lbs.

This Battery Transporter is the ideal battery handler for facilities with relatively small lift truck fleets. It is available in manually powered and electrically powered models.

The varied configurations and options available for this unit allow you to tailor the battery transporter to meet your specific needs and applications.


  • Mechanical or Powered Push/Pull Mechanism
  • Adjustable Roller Bed from 6" to 24"
  • Floor Lock Brake Assembly
  • Single, Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Safety Latch on Crank Assembly
  • Numerous Configurations and Options Available


  • Allows easy and safe loading and unloading of batteries
  • Capable of reaching most battery storage compartments
  • Prevents movement of transfer cart when unattended
  • Ensures reliable hydraulic power
  • Prevents backlash of crank handle
  • Can be designed for specific applications and budgets

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PDF document Battery Transporter Data Sheet

PDF document Battery Transporter Specs

Transporter Specifications

Part No. Max. Battery Width Capacity
BT-16-ML 15 in. 2,000 lbs.
BT-24-ML 21 in. 3,000 lbs.
BT-30-ML 30 in. 3,000 lbs.

(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

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