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Storage Battery Systems, LLC (SBS) is a leader in the production and distribution of stationary battery and charging systems to the Utility market.

SBS's stationary battery systems are designed for substation / switchgear, generation and other utility applications.

Below are just a few of the product solutions SBS offers:

  • SBS specializes in low-maintenance, tubular lead-selenium flooded batteries.
  • Flooded (wet) lead acid, VRLA (AGM & Gel) and Ni-Cad batteries are available.
  • Most flooded wet cell batteries, racks and chargers are IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.
  • In addition to our batteries, we also offer a full selection of racks, chargers, inverters, battery test equipment & battery room accessories to complete your DC system requirements.

storage battery systems for utility substations and switchgear applications

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