Railway Signaling & Transportation Batteries

Batteries for Railway/Transportation Applications

batteries for railway applications

Storage Battery Systems provides reliable nickel cadmium, as well as flooded and sealed (VRLA) lead acid batteries, for railway/transportation applications.

Common uses of these batteries include:

  • Line signaling
  • Emergency lighting and current supply
  • Auxiliary batteries
  • Suburban railway and underground trains
  • Rail cars (starter battery)
  • Street traffic control
  • Signal and control boxes and enclosures

Our entire battery line is engineered for optimum vibration and shock resistance while conforming to the specific discharge/recharge cyclic demands of your particular system.

SBS provides batteries which are manufactured to US, DIN, BS & IEC specifications to accommodate your operational requirements. 

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Nickel Cadmium Batteries

2 Volt Modular VRLA Battery System

2/6/12 Volt Flooded Tubular Plate Batteries

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