Starting & Deep Cycle

Starting and Deep Cycle Batteries

SBS provides a wide range of heavy duty batteries designed for all applications to include automotive, starting and deep cycle batteries for wheelchairs/scooters, marine, aerial equipment, sweepers/ scrubbers, forklifts and renewable energy.

SBS is a Master Distributor for Trojan Batteries

SBS Starting Batteries

SBS Starting Batteries are designed to satisfy demands in the most severe applications. SBS is also a Master Distributor for Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries. AGM and Gel maintenance-free deep cycle batteries are available in a variety of sizes. A complete line of battery chargers, accessories, and test equipment is also available.

SBS Deep Cycle Batteries

Starting batteries will not perform well in heavy industrial applications. You need a battery with the ability to be recharged hundreds of times. Introducing the Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries. These no-nonsense workhorses can be tailored to your specific industrial requirements. With our extensive experience we can assist in tailoring the proper battery for your application. Need maximum performance in your floor machines, scissor lifts, lift trucks, personnel carriers, electric cars, wheelchairs, or UPS systems, Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries will go beyond the call of duty.

SBS Seasonal Batteries

SBS offers seasonal batteries too. You can depend on peak performance during the regular season as well as excellent performance in the off-season. How do they work? SBS seasonal batteries contain standard specific electrolyte and a hybrid alloy composition to insure readiness and responsiveness. We have a large inventory ready to serve you.


  • Heavy duty high-density oxide for greater cycling.
  • Double-thick glass mat separators reduce plate wear and shedding.
  • Extra-large water reservoir.
  • Resist overcharging and vibration.
  • Nearly double the life of other brands.

SBS Automotive Batteries

At SBS, our challenge was to engineer a complete line of automotive batteries. Batteries to perform better, last longer, and require little or no maintenance. We understand that your automotive battery requirements are diverse and ever-changing. That's why as an independent dealer, we stock over 5,000 high-performance batteries, each featuring the proper balance of cold cranking amps, reserve capacity, electrolyte, and sediment area. We will match the right battery to your vehicle, so you can bank on superb automotive performance.


  • High cold crank and reserve capacity ratings
  • Computer-designed radial grids
  • Envelope separators
  • Extra-heavy through-the-partition intercell welds
  • Maintainable maintenance-free design
  • Built to withstand vibration
  • Heat seal construction
  • Maximum starting performance

SBS Commercial Batteries

SBS Commercial Batteries are designed to meet the strenuous demands of commercial service. SBS commercial batteries boldly resist severe temperatures, vibration, impact and overcharging. Before we deliver your SBS commercial batteries, each one is thoroughly tested so every time you turn the key, SBS will turn over the engine. They not only get you started, they get you home.


  • Vibration resistant
  • Extra reserve capacity
  • Post or stud terminals
  • Computer designed grids
  • Higher cold cranking amps
  • Heavier glass separators
  • Special high density active material

Battery Chargers

  • Alltech
  • Associated
  • Deltran
  • Lester
  • Motor Appliance
  • Quick Charge