DISCONTINUED: BCT-5000 Battery Capacity Tester

150 Amp DC Resistive Load Bank (24, 48 & 120Vdc)

The only way to know your industrial batteries will perform to specification is to test them regularly. SBS’s battery capacity testers enable you to test your wet or sealed batteries in a variety of ways and at three voltages. Load bank test 24V, 48V, or 120V DC systems with currents up to 171 amps, AC input: 120VAC, 60hz. A built-in digital meter lets you read volts, amps, amp-hours, and elapsed time without having to hook up a separate meter. The display is accurate to 1% of full scale at the rated voltages. The unit also offers continuous operation, so there’s no cool down needed after or between tests. Temperature compensation and over-voltage/over-temperature protection are included. Use the master load control switch to instantly apply or remove loads. UVR safety low voltage disconnects (LVD). Unit comes with 5M QD test leads suitable for most applications.


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  • Capacity: 12/24/105vdc-150A; 24/48/120vdc-171A
  • Load step: 5 Amp increments (5-50A)
  • Automatically removes load if voltage drops below 19.2/38.4/96vdc
  • Blower/Control Power: 110vac/60hz
  • Size/Weight: 16.8 x 21.25 x 24.25 – 75 lbs
  • For flooded or VRLA/lead-acid or ni-cad batteries
  • Built-in digital volt/amp meter with 1% accuracy
  • Rated for continuous operation – no cool down period required
  • Master switch instantly applies/removes load

BCT-5000 Includes:

  • 15-foot quick-disconnect cables
  • Voltage sensor cables (pos & neg)
  • Operating Manual

Ordering Information:

Part No. Description
BCT-5000 DC load bank – 24, 48 & 120vdc – 150A