Ametek SCR Industrial Battery Chargers

Silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR) type battery chargers regulate charging current by allowing the battery to determine its own charge cycle rate in accordance with its state of discharge. SCR chargers provide a constant current-constant voltage-constant current (I-E-I) charge that eliminates the possibility of overcharging, even with line voltage variations of +/- 10%, and allows the battery to finish at the proper current regardless of its age or temperature.

SCR Chargers

  • Ametek Prestolite PowerMate battery charger SCR

    The Power Mate's energy-efficient SCR design converts the AC input power to usable DC output power at a low cost. It is equipped with two back-up timers for additional battery protection. The Power Mate is unaffected by AC power failure. With no additional modifications, it can be used in on-board applications where the output of the charger is always electrically connected to the battery on board the utility equipment.

    Automatic Start/Stop

    Unaffected by AC Power failures

    Efficient, low-cost operation

    Back-up timer protection

    On-Board utility application

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  • Ametek Prestolite PowerStar battery charger SCR

    Providing accuracy, dependability and optimum charge efficiency in almost any environment, the PowerStar is 100% rated to recharge fully discharged batteries in 8 hours or less. The PowerStar is easily adaptable to all battery types with user-selectable output profiles and accommodates interchangeable controls (SCR1000 & SCR2000) for maximum flexibility.

    Interchangeable controls with either the SCR1000 or SCR2000

    Fail-safe design protects batteries

    100% rated to recharge fully discharged batteries in 8 hours or less

    Adapts to all battery types with user-selectable charge curve options

    Data-Mate and CDAC compatible

    cUL listed

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  • Ametek Prestolite UltraCharge battery charger SCR

    The Ultra Charge is hailed as the most flexible battery charger on the market. It can charge flooded cell and sealed cell lead acid batteries of nearly any voltage, or ampere-hour size. Rated to recharged a 100% discharged battery in its ampere-hour rating in 8 hours or less.

    Charges 100% discharged batteries in 8 hours or less

    The two-line control display shows the charger's output volts, amps, and amp hours returned during the charge cycle

    Archive function allows the ability to review information from the last 99 cycles

    Adapts to all battery types with 7 user-selectable charge curve options

    Timer start mode lets you choose the time and rate of charge

    Programming feature assigns battery capacity and type to voltage

    Compensates for battery operating temperatures automatically; from 32 degrees F to 115 F with optional BID module

    Data Mate and CDAC compatible

    UL and cUL listed, and meets BCI standards

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  • Ametek Prestolite PowerStar Plus battery charger SCR

    The PowerStar Plus delivers dependable charging, with easy operation and low energy costs. The PowerStar Plus has a built-in SCR2000 Control.

    Simple solution to opportunity charging

    Charges batteries up to 80% in 3 hours or less

    Charge rates as high as 50A/100

    Fail-safe design protects batteries

    Automatically compensates for battery operating temperature with BID

    Compatible with: BID, BID with AH Accumulator and Data Link

    No Gassing feature

    Excellent warranty

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  • Ametek Prestolite UltraMaxx battery charger SCR

    The Ultra Maxx fills a recharge performance gap between traditional charging and fast charging. Many people are attracted to the benefits associated with fast charging but can't justify the expense to install and purchase such equipment. The Ultra Maxx, with its minimum charger size, moderate input service rating and inexpensive remote installation cost offers an economical solution for eliminating the burdens and cost associated with battery rooms, fast charge charging stations and truck/driver down time.

    Charges batteries to 80% in 3 hours or less

    Uses BID module to monitor battery temperature during charge cycle to maximize battery life

    Up to 25A/100 start rate and a 4.5A/100 finish rate I-E-I charge profile for accurate and efficient charging

    Compensates for battery operating temperature automatically Data Mate and CDAC compatible

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