Professional Series (PS)

Portable Maintenance Chargers

Professional Series (PS) Models, in addition to the standard features, include, temperature compensation, and LED ladder Amp Meter, an 80% charged indicator and an internal preset ”Battery Type” switch allowing the unit to be easily configured with VRLA (Gel or AGM) or Flooded type (Wet) batteries.

Standard Features of all Smart Chargers:

  • High energy return, fast charging
  • Constant current first stage
  • Dual voltage limit (cyclic/standby)
  • Proportional timed cyclic charge stage
  • Constant voltage float standby
  • Automatic safety override timer
  • Start delay on battery connect
  • Short and reverse connector shutdown
  • Rugged SCR phase control
  • Main zero-crossing battery sensing
  • Standard Input: 117 Volts AC 60 Hz 

PS Additional Features:

  • Constant voltage stage is proportionally timed and temperature compensated, minimizing electrolyte breakdown and gas emission.
  • The final standby float charge will replace standing losses and keep the battery in a fully charged state and “Ready.”
  • As soon as the battery is connected, a desulfation circuit encourages the breakdown of large sulfate crystal which can develop during prolonged periods of deep discharge. 

Model No.

Volts (DC)


PS 12/5



PS 12/10



PS 24/5



PS 24/8



PS 12/10X5

12 (x5)

10 (x5)

*There are two models available which incorporate five 12 volt, 6 or 10 Amp, charging stations into one wall mountable 5 circuit charger. These units are the X5 models.