PMC-J5 Power Cart


  • Rugged cart designed to hold laptop, printer, scanner and more!
  • Dimensions: 32"L x 22"W x 43"H
  • Open storage compartment
  • Bar code scanner holder
  • 6" large industrial swivel/locking rubber caster wheels with option to upgrade to 8" pneumatic casters
  • ESD rated casters available upon request
  • Integrated cable raceways
  • Heavy duty 12ga powder coated steel
  • Standard color: Signal Blue RAL 5005 fine texture

Power Features

  • Custom power configurations for up to 12 hours of run time
  • DC power is contained (not exposed) for safe operating
  • Long life, maintenance-free, non-hazardous VRLA battery
  • Battery status meter/fuel gauge
  • Smart power supply/battery charger with LED indicators
  • Industrial grade modified sine wave DC to AC power inverter
  • (3) 120 Vac receptacles
    • Power strip can be added for additional receptacles
  • Color coded SB safety connectors for quick and safe connect/disconnect and error proof component replacement

Lithium Battery Benefits and Features

  • Long battery life: An increase of 20% to 50% battery life in a single 12V 100 AH lithium battery compared to a 12V 100 AH sealed lead acid battery (higher current draw equates to greater increase)
  • Fast recharge: Powered mobile carts equipped with a lithium battery come standard with a 60 Amp charger that allows for a full battery charge in one hour and 40 minutes
  • Lighter weight: A 12V 100 AH lithium battery weighs 30 pounds compared to the currently used S-12V120 battery which weighs 70 pounds
  • Digital health monitor (fuel gauge) provides an accurate remaining battery life reading

Battery Specifications

Battery Type Lithium Lead Acid
Part No. RB100 S-12V120
Nominal Voltage 12.8V 12V
Nominal Capacity 100 AH 100 AH
Length 13 in. 13 in.
Width 6.8 in. 6.8 in.
Height 8.8 in. 8.7 in.
Weight 29.8 lb. 69.5 lb.

SBS mobile cart heavy duty with battery compartment


- PMC-J5 Data Sheet

- Overview and Power Survey Form

RB100 Lithium Battery for PMC
RB100 Lithium Battery
S-12V120 Lead Acid Battery for PMC
S-12V120 Lead Acid Battery

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