VRZ-250: Gel Tubular Long Life Batteries

200 - 3,000 Ah (5 OPzV 250) 2 Volt Battery

The VRZ-Series batteries have tubular positive plates and a gelled electrolyte making them the highest quality valve-regulated battery design available. The VRZ batteries are ideal for applications which call for maximum life and maintenance-free operation. SBS Valve-Regulated VRZ batteries are especially suitable for applications with discharge over a long period in which maintenance-free operation is required. The electrolyte is a fixed gel. Typical applications include reserve power supplies for telecommunication equipment and industrial plants.

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  • 20 year design life
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Gel tubular plate technology
  • Leak-proof post seal
  • High cycle life
  • Flame retardant ABS cover standard
  • Safe – zero voltage exposed to personnel
  • Built per OPzV DIN standards
Name VRZ-250: Gel Tubular Long Life Batteries
Model Number VRZ-250
Weight 48.500000
Voltage(V) 2
Cell Dimension (Inches) 4.88L x 8.11W x 15.3H
8 Hr. Ah Rate to 1.75 V/cell 250
# of cell 3
I.R. (m0hms) 1.10


  • Telecom
  • Industrial
  • Reserve Power
  • Utility
  • Solar