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Forklift Battery Regenerator & Discharge Cycler - SBS-200CT

Increase Battery Capacity

The SBS-200CT is a new type of discharge cycler for batteries’ discharge and charge cycle. The voltage range of 2V – 96V covers all types of traction batteries (forklifts, automobile, golf cart, train, wheel chair, etc.) When equipped with an industrial charger (sold separately), the SBS-200CT provides an unmanned discharge/cycling solution for your battery repair needs. Includes software and wireless modules.


  • Wide voltage range battery discharge from 2V to 96V
  • Automatically run multiple discharge/charge cycles
  • Up to 200A discharge current (constant) and allows up to 200A charging current
  • Plugs into 120VAC
  • Works with all chargers and records all charging data
  • Can be paralleled with any discharger to increase amp draw (amp clamp required)
  • 5.7 inch LCD touch screen for easy operation shows various parameters real time
  • Adjustable stop points and multiple alarm designs to control the discharge and charge process intelligently
  • Supports RS232 real time monitoring by PC or USB download data after discharge
  • PC software for capacity evaluation and report generation
  • Can be used to test overall system voltage and individual cell voltages
  • Wireless modules included (up to 40 cells) with other module options available


battery discharger and cycler softwarePC Analysis Software

  • Data downloading and analyzing through real time communication or USB memory devices
  • The software interface includes: battery voltages curve and bar chart, battery resistances bar chart, group voltage curve, current curve, capacities histogram, data form, etc.
  • Powerful capacity estimating function; the software can predict the capacity of each battery in the tested group
  • Automatically creates Excel data report


Test Range

Can support 2 - 96V battery groups

Battery Nominal Voltage Max. Discharge Current
2 V 60A
4 V 120A
6/24 V 180A
12/36/48 V 200A
72/80/96 V 200A



Wireless Moduleswireless modules for SBS-200CT battery regenerator


  • Removable / replaceable clips
  • 1.2V / 2V wireless modules are included for collection of individual cell/battery voltage data during discharge
  • Each module is capable of monitoring up to 4 cells/batteries at a time
  • Wireless technology eliminates having hundreds of feet of signal cables lying underfoot while performing testing
  • Powered off of cell voltage - no batteries or recharging of modules needed





Discharge Ranges

Voltage Range Current Range
1.6 - 2.5 V 0-60A
3 - 6 V 0-180A
6 - 120V 0-200A



Ordering Information

Part No. Description
SBS-200CT Battery discharge & capacity tester



Accessory Ordering Information

Part No. Description
8400-600A 600 DC Current Clamp
BCT110/220 - 1000 1000 Watt Voltage Transformer 110/220 Vac 50/60 Hz
8400-SLAVE-CABLE For operating in parallel with load banks of same voltage range



Forklift Battery Discharge Cycler, regenerator, rejuvenator, and desulfator


  • Space-saving
  • Portable (only 121 lbs., on wheels)
  • Unmanned cycling/discharging





  - Data Sheet for SBS-200CT

  - User's Manual for SBS-200CT




process for discharging and cycling batteries





  • Main unit
  • Wireless modules (qty. 10 +1 spare)
  • PC analysis software
  • DC test (power) cables
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying case

case for battery discharger SBS-200CT





Current Measurement  
Internal Current Range
Accuracy & Resolution
</= ±0.5%, 0.1A
External Current Range
Accuracy & Resolution
0-600A (optional current clamp)
</= ±0.5%, 0.1A
Voltage Measurement  
Group Voltage Range
Accuracy & Resolution
</= ±0.5%, 0.1V
Cell Voltage Range
Accuracy & Resolution
</= ±0.5%, 0.1A
Power Supply  
Power Supply Voltage 110 Vac
220 Vac (optional)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 500W (max.)
Communication & Storage  
Communication Ports USB / RS232
Internal Memory 8 MB Flash
Operation Temperature -23° to 122° F
Storage Temperature -40° to 158° F
Humidity 5% to 95% RH
Altitude Below 13,100 ft.
Working Noise <60dB
Dimensions & Weight  
Main Tester 11.6 x 19.8 x 40 in.
Carrying Case 12.4 x 20.6 x 40.4 in.
Weight 121 lbs. (main tester only)
220 lbs. (tester, accessories, case)


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