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Emergency Repair 24/7

Storage Battery Systems Delivers AC/DC Network, Critical Data & Motive Power Services

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Offered with your choice of frequency (2, 4, 12 per year), coverage & duration (1, 3 & 5 year), SBS will maintain your batteries, power magnetics, power electronics & associated components in accordance with OEM specifications.  Optional enhancements include time-based scheduled component replacement, battery coverage, battery insurance, service level peer review as well as time & materials (T&M) billing options. We offer standard MOPs & SOWs conforming to IEEE standards & original equipment manufacturer's recommendations.

Customers with maintenance contracts with SBS qualify for discounts towards 24/7 emergency repair full service contracts.  Clients with full service contracts receive free freight, labor, travel & expenses for warranty replacement batteries when those batteries are purchased through SBS.  Finally, contracted customers receive discounted pricing on complete battery string replacement projects.

24/7 Emergency Repair

Emergency repair service can be written under extended contracts as above and configured with 2-4-8 hour on site response times.  Standard replenishment parts can be included as can the typically excluded batteries & DC capacitors, (time based schedule maintenance replacements).  Service can be performed 24/7, 8x5 or within specific maintenance windows. Parts kits, counter-to-counter airborne delivery & NDA options can be selected.  Any device currently supported by the original manufacturer can be easily covered.  Units declared obsolete or discontinued require special provisions.

Consolidated Service Contracts

Preventative maintenance & emergency service contracts can be blended to provide full coverage for almost any device and any power system throughout your enterprise operation.  This includes multiple brands, multiple sites & multiple types of equipment all bundled under one simplified, easily measured & monitored contract.  This covers UPS, batteries, MBD,  diesel & natural gas generators, ATS, air conditioning (CRAC), fire supression, rectifiers, inverters, MBP, switchgear, distribution & control devices.

Generator Service

An interesting aspect of generator maintenance service typically provided by others is that is ignores the actual electrical generator end & makes no effort to analyze electrical performance or waveform characteristics!  Whereas it is very important to service the diesel or spark ignited engine, that component is perhaps the most reliable & stable part of the genset.  Many service providers do not even test the starting batteries beyond a short 'cold cranking' of the engine starter.  SBS uses sophisticated instrumentation to predictively test your batteries so that they will start your engine in the middle of a cold winter's night.  And of course SBS inspects your generator to make certain the waveform it produces is clean & stable, capable of tolerating the non-linear characteristics of the supported UPS.  SBS views your generator as an integral part of a power surety system not just a big truck. Examine the linked 'maintenance checklist' from a typical generator manufacturer & you will note the absence of any tests of the generator electrical characteristics or waveform.  SBS delivers comprehensive preventative maintenance on your generators.

EF&I  Turnkey Installation

Maintaining & servicing the sub-systems of the critical AC & DC power system affords SBS the perspective required to apply & install any of those devices as well as a complete system ensuring that all the bits & pieces are coordinated and operate in concert with total compatibility.  Unaligned with any one manufacturer, SBS can select the 'best-in class" at the best value while avoiding certain families of products that have known application challenges.  The result is a system that delivers performance, reliability & availability at the lowest cost of ownership.  With no limitation on technology or type, SBS can provide a total system solution ensuring that facility commissioning occurs seamlessly.

Design-Build Construction Project Management

SBS utilizes its construction project managers, internal logistics coordinators & an array of electrical & structural engineers to walk your expansion project from concept through feasibility to completion with no surprises.  Our lean structure & speed to market coupled with our extensive mission critical power experience means that your small to medium design-build project will be offered at an extremely competitive cost basis.  SBS only engages in  our core competency, AC & DC power projects for IT data centers, telco network power installations, utility control systems & industrial battery handling systems with or without a structural component. 

Relocation - Add - Change -Delete

SBS can especially execute your relocation & disposal requirements.  Our experience with sensitive IT equipment, network & premise wiring, power electronics & power magnetics allows us a heighten awareness of the methods demanded for a successful move.  Naturally SBS recommissions what we we move so that you are guaranteed the shortest turn around time frame.  Our expertise in maintenance & repair gives us the ability to identify potential equipment susceptibility prior to any change.  Our knowledge of hazardous material disposal, federal, state & local regulations results in proper handling of all spent fuels, chemicals, circuit boards & depleted material.

IEEE & Specialized Testing

Even the most elegantly designed power system requires verification  during its service life to identify deteriorating conditions as well as potential points of failure. SBS performs numerous testing procedures to identify areas of concern or prove reliability.  These include power quality, infra-red thermography, IEEE load banking, rollover commissioning, acceptance testing, reliability, availability, battery monitoring & earth grounding-bonding analysis.  SBS can conduct these test to your MOP or we can prepare one for your approval using accepted industry standards & practices.


Maintenance/Service Peer Review

Setting service industry benchmark standards, SBS offers a 'Peer review' program as a check & balance to ensure you are receiving the service & maintenance to which you are entitled as compared to IEEE, ANSI, OSHA, JIC and OEM guidelines.  SBS will review your service reports for completeness & value.  We will statistically sample & inspect devices to verify calibrations, measurements & procedures. Your preventative maintenance program will be evaluated for frequency & thoroughness.  You will be made aware of best practices & potential enhancements to your maintenance or service.  SBS will bring "a fresh set of eyes" to examine your equipment as a total system.  And perhaps most importantly, SBS can provide a 'second opinion' when a major retrofit or replacement has been suggested by others.  Should our conclusions,  prepared by our Engineering Services Department, differ from your existing, we are prepared to award performance guarantees to our well-considered recommendations if implemented.