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SBS-8400: Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Capacity Tester with Monitoring

Constant Current Battery Load Bank with Wireless Data Logging, 10–300 Vdc, 0–120 Amp


The SBS-8400 was designed by SBS as an improved version of Megger’s TORKEL 840 battery load tester*.


The SBS-8400 has similar discharging capabilities as the Megger TORKEL 840, however, our battery load bank has the advantage of having a large user-friendly touch screen menu and a built-in data monitoring acquisition system, complete with wireless modules for monitoring individual cell voltages.


The wireless modules are easy to hook up. Each module can record the real-time voltage of up to four individual cells or multi-cell blocks. During the test, the user can view real-time data on the unit’s large 5.7" color screen or through their own laptop.



  • Wireless modules are easy to hook up and eliminate hundreds of feet of signal wire
  • Each module can record the real-time voltage of up to four individual cells or multi-cell blocks
  • While testing, real-time data is visible on unit’s 5.7" color screen or through a laptop
  • Unique because it has adjustable, automatic stop points - the unit can automatically stop the test if a cell or entire string falls below a user-set voltage
  • Settings can be changed during a discharge test (current, stop time, stop voltage, etc.) without stopping the test
  • Safety -- tests can be done without a technician on site and without danger of over-discharging an individual cell or the entire system
  • Download test results via USB flash drive and export reports, including individual cell voltages and graphs

DC load bank / battery capacity tester with online monitoring



  • Wide voltage and current range: 10 - 300 Vdc / 0 - 120 Amps
  • Can be paralleled with other load banks to increase draw up to 720 Amps (optional 600 Amp DC clamp required for monitoring)
  • 5.7 in. LCD touch screen for easy operation
  • View test data in real time on screen or with laptop via RS232
  • Selectable discharge mode: constant current / power / resistance
  • 4 adjustable stop points and multiple alarm designs to control the discharge process intelligently
  • Download data after discharge to USB drive
  • PC software for capacity evaluation and report generation
  • Optional wireless modules for Ni-Cad cells available


battery capacity tester case


Example of how the wireless modules would be installed on a 48 Vdc system consisting of qty. (24) 2 volt cells:
load bank diagram with battery cells


battery capacity tester software example


Powerful analysis software collects discharge data and stores it, where it can then be generated into a variety of customized reports, like those above. Unlike basic load banks, the SBS-8400 is a high-tech solution to the easy, efficient collection of data and the generation of records for archiving.


Paralleling Load Banks

It is possible to parallel additional load banks (almost all models will work) with the SBS-8400 to increase the current. With the optional P/N 8400-600A DC clamp you can discharge up to 600 Amps and the SBS-8400 will monitor the total DC current being drawn by both load banks combined.


battery load banks in parallel



*Megger is a registered trademark and Torkel 840 is a trademark of Megger Group Limited or its subsidiaries.

battery load bank / battery capacity tester with monitoring




  - SBS-8400 Data Sheet

  - Wireless Modules Data Sheet

  - Instruction Manual


battery capacity tester, battery load bank video for SBS-8400

SBS-8400 Video












  • Telecommunications
  • Utility
  • UPS
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Critical power
  • Data center



















  • Main unit
  • 6 ft. DC cable set (pos & neg)
  • 3 ft. AC cable
  • RS232 wire
  • 2GB USB disk
  • Case for main unit
  • Software
  • Instruction manual





DC Volt Range 10-300 Vdc
DC Current Range 10-15 / 150-300 Vdc: 0-60 Amps
15-150 Vdc: 0-120 Amps
Accuracy & Resolution +/-1.0%, 0.1 Amp
Display 5.7 inch LCD color touch screen
Power Supply 110 Vac, 60 Hz
Communications Port US / RS232
Internal Memory 8MB Flash
Size (main unit) 9.1" x 14.6" x 26.4"; 53 lbs.
Size (with case/acc.) 11.1" x 25.2" x 29.6"; 93 lbs.


Ordering Information

Part No. Description
SBS-8400 0-300 Vdc, 0-120 Amp battery load bank



Accessory Ordering Information

Part No. Description
MODULE-1.2/2-25 1.2/2V Wireless module kit w/ case Qty. 25 (+2 spare)
MODULE-1.2/2-30 1.2/2V Wireless module kit w/ case Qty. 30 (+2 spare)
MODULE-2/6/12-15 2/6/12 Wireless module kit w/ case Qty. 15 (+2 spare)
MODULE-2/6/12-30 2/6/12 Wireless module kit w/ case Qty. 30 (+2 spare)
8400-600A 600 DC Current Clamp
BCT110/220-1000 1000 Watt Voltage Transformer 110/220 Vac 50/60 Hz
8400-SLAVE-CABLE For operating in parallel with load banks of the same voltage range