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Stationary Chargers

 stationary/standby battery chargers

The correct charging system means everything to the performance and service life of your battery system. The environment, duty cycle, and battery chemistry all play a crucial part in selecting the correct charging system.


SBS understands which charger designs and features will be optimal for your particular battery string and application.



AT10 / AT30 Series
Microprocessor controlled, easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain single or three phase digital rectifier/chargers. Available in 12, 24, 48 and 130 Vdc (6-1000 amps).

  • AT10 - single phase models from 12-130vdc / 6-100amps
  • AT30 - 3 phase models from 12-130vdc / 25-1000amps
  • 48 and 130Vdc 6-25 mp filtered units are in stock!
EVO Series Charger

EVO Series Charger

  • Health Button initiates a systematic diagnosis of all parameters and components
  • Alarm suite with LED indicators
  • Manual equalizer timer (0–999 hr.)
  • AC line automatic failure equalizer timer (0–255 hr.)
EC Series Charger Family

EC Series Chargers

  • LCD displays Vdc, Adc, timer hours, fault codes and charger settings
  • Compatible with Flooded lead-acid (FLA), valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery systems
Portable Charger

Portable Chargers

  • Portable chargers available in 1.8 - 140Vdc
  • 2 - 50 Amp units with a variety of features
stationary battery SCR charger 260 Vdc SCR Series
SCR chargers from 16 - 300 Amps. 

























AT10 / AT30 Series

AT10 / AT30 Series
AT10 / AT 30 Microprocessor-Controlled Battery Chargers

Portable Maintenance Battery Chargers

Portable Maintenance Battery Chargers
Portable Single Cell Chargers, Universal Maintenance Chargers

SCR 260Vdc Float Battery Chargers

SCR 260Vdc Float Battery Chargers
Float Battery Chargers

EC Series Battery Chargers

EC Series Battery Chargers
Single Phase Float Chargers

EVO-AT Series Battery Charger

EVO-AT Series Battery Charger
Microprocessor Controlled SCR Charger w/ Health System

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