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EPA Reclamation




Environmental Protection Agency Standards for the Reclamation & Disposal of Lead-Acid Batteries, battery recycling by SBS



Return - Recycle - Reuse All Batteries


SBS will execute your recycling project, assuming complete responsibility:


  •     Uninstall, seal, palletize & transport
  •     Clean or remove racking/cabinets
  •     Install replacement system as required
  •     Transfer to smelter & recycler
  •     Provide complete indemnification


SBS can provide this service for any brand battery, power magnetics or power electronics:


  •     Sealed Lead-Acid, VRLA
  •     Wet cell flooded
  •     Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad)
  •     Forklift & industrial batteries
  •     Motive power batteries
  •     Starting & deep cycle batteries
  •     Chargers - Ferro, SCR & IGBT
  •     Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
  •     Switchgear, circuit breakers & PDUs
  •     Transfer switches & bypass switches
  •     Transformers, inductors, conditioners
  •     Capacitors, resistors & other electronics


EPA Reclamation & Recycling for Lead-Acid


Classified as Hazardous Material by the US Environmental Protection Agency, lead-acid batteries require proper disposal.  Fortunately, the typical flooded battery is 99% recyclable.  Although VRLA & NiCad cells are not as reusable, they can be substantially reclaimed with the remainder safely disposed.  SBS will decommission, palletize & transport your spent battery plant to our approved reclamation facility per CFR Title 49.  All disposals will be in accordance with federal, state & local regulations.  SBS then provides a 'Certificate of Recycling' indemnifying your company from any and all liabilities associated with the hazardous material.

Federal, State & Local HAZ-MAT Compliance

    40-49 CFR 173.59 , 241., 266.80, 273.2-33, et al

    EPA 401KAR 36:070

    CAEPA 102.FS Title 22 Sect 66266

    HR 2853 1989 & revisions

    Compliance to the 38 state guidelines & laws

    NERC requirements

    OSHA & IEEE guidelines

    Battery Council Int'l recommendations





Lead & Other Metals

Refined via thermal metallurgy to a purified state.  Cast into ingot form for reuse in batteries & other products. Steel recycled for production.


Electrolyte & Sulfuric Acid

Chemically reduces to anhydrous sodium sulfate & supplied  for use in the production of detergents, papers, glass & anodizing.


Lead Paste & Oxides

De-sulfered with soda ash (recycled from the steel industry), filtered & reclaimed as metallic lead through furnance refraction for reuse in new batteries.


Polypropylene, ABS & Other Plastics

Cleaned, isolated & sorted for reuse in production.


Grid Separators, Fiber Edonites & Misc.

Cleaned & combined as reverbatory fuel filler.


Slag & Reminants

Oxidized via combustion into low toxicity granules sent to licensed hazardous material disposal fills.


Flooded Cells - 99%, VRLA - 97%, NiCad - 86% Recyclable



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