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Storage Battery Systems is a power solutions provider specializing in backup and reserve power for utility, telecom, and other stationary applications as well as motive power for industrial and material handling applications. We manufacture and distribute stationary and motive power batteries, battery chargers, testing and monitoring equipment, accessories and services to customers worldwide.
Stationary Batteries for Standby, Telecom and Utility Applications
Stationary Batteries:
  • OPzS / STT Series Battery
  • Ni-Cad Battery
  • KP & KB Battery
  • KF Battery
  • VRPP Battery
  • S Series Battery
Industrial Stationary and Utility Battery Chargers
Stationary Chargers:
  • AT10
  • AT30
  • Smart Chargers
Substation Battery Cabinets and Enclosures
Stationary Racking:
  • Substation Cabinets and Enclosures
  • Spill Containment Systems
  • Battery Racking (Standard and Seismic)
Guidelines for Meeting NERC and IEEE Battery Standards
NERC & IEEE Standard:
  • NERC Standards PRC-005-02
  • IEEE Standards (450-2010, 1188-2005, 1106-2005)
SBS Battery serves a growing number of backup / reserve power requirements in our global base of customers. From Power Generation Plants & Substations to Uninterrupted Power, Emergency Lighting and Telecommunications, SBS can provide a Power Solution™ that will provide dedicated power for your critical load applications.
Join our Stationary Battery Discussion Groups
Join our Technical Support and Sales team as we discuss topics like: Proper Stationary Battery and Charger Sizing Methods; Installation, Maintenance and Testing Procedures; How to Maintain Your Batteries' Warranty, etc. Your questions, comments and opinions are important to having a constructive conversation that leads to identifying answers to difficult questions. These discussions will also identify future topics of discussion.
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Product Manuals
Find installation, operation and maintenance manuals for SBS products.
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MSDS / SDS Sheets
SDS & MSDS Safety Data Sheets
Download safety data sheet PDFs for batteries and accessories
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Data Sheets
Data Sheets
Download product data sheets with specifications and SBS product line
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Forklift / Motive Power Batteries
Standard and High Capacity Tubular Forklift Batteries
Standard & High Capacity Tubular Design Batteries
The SBS tubular battery provides high performance, long life and lower maintenance costs. Unique design features provide higher capacity but not sacrificing battery cycle life, while maintaining normal watering intervals.
DIN Tubular Forklift Batteries
EURO Bolt-On: DIN Cell Design Forklift Batteries
Based on the traditional euro traction battery design methods, SBS Battery has excelled in becoming one of the only U.S. manufacturers of bolt-on, high performance forklift batteries.
Flat Plate Forklift Batteries
Traditional Standard Flat Plate Design Batteries
Designed to deliver reliable, consistent power on demand with a unique positive grid design for better electron flow.
Offering a heavy duty design for opportunity and rapid charge applications.
Industrial Forklift and Motive Power Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers
High frequency chargers, ferroresonant chargers, constant current chargers, rapid chargers and lithium chargers for material handling equipment batteries, including AGVs
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Did you know SBS Battery also offers battery charging, watering, changing and handling equipment?
Single Level Power Battery Changer
For information about battery changing systems, side removal extractors, and Walk-a-Pullers, please click here ›
For information about Philadelphia Scientific, Flowrite, and BWT Battery Watering Products, please click here ›
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What makes SBS Unique?
A leading manufacturer of Electric Forklift Batteries, Stationary Batteries, UPS Batteries & Battery Testing Equipment. Established in 1915, Storage Battery Systems LLC has become renowned for providing DC Power Solutions™ for Stationary and Forklift / Motive Power applications. From flooded battery cells, to sealed VRLA strings, from Ni-Cad jars to Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery packs, SBS has developed a reputation for delivering superior performance and dedication to customer service. At SBS, we offer a wide variety of DC products and services for Stationary & Utility applications, Motive Power / Forklift / Pallet Jacks & Material Handling application requirements that can enhance and maximize the performance you get from your application.
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