DIN Cell Tubular Forklift Battery / EURO Bolt-on

SBS Forklift EURO Motive Power Traction Bolt-on DIN Cell Battery

Designed and developed with precision in mind, our bolt-on forklift batteries are known among our clients for outstanding charge acceptance and long and durable service life.

We strive to equip our products with premium features and benefits including:

  • Tested tubular plate technology for maximum performance levels and reliability
  • Leak proof terminal bushing
  • Fully insulated, bolted terminals and connectors
  • Less susceptible to moisture-related corrosion
  • DIN & BS Capacities
  • PzS Technology
  • Maintenance Free Connectors

PzS DIN Battery

PzB BS Battery

PzS DIN Traction Motive Power Battery PzB British Standard Motive Power Battery
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PzV Gel Battery

PzVB Gel Battery

PzV DIN Gel Traction Motive Power Battery PzVB British Standard Traction Motive Power Battery
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Design Features and Benefits

  • High capacity tubular constructed design for high cycle applications
  • Optimized surface area to allow higher voltages in high rate and cold storage applications
  • Longer run times between charging intervals
  • Hadi high pressure, die cast positive splines resist corrosion which improves battery life (Dense grain structure of tubular grid using pressure die casting)
  • Computer-designed negative plate provides more efficient current flow to increase performance
  • Uniform distribution of active material and weight is achieved through a wet filling process which enhances plate uniformity

Greater Acid Circulation

  • SBS round tube has greater acid circulation than square tube or flat plate positive plates
  • The round tube allows it to retain its shape as the plate expands during discharge

Other Features and Benefits

  • Round tubular gauntlets provide superior resistance to active material shedding
  • Fully enveloped separators reduce the chance of short circuiting
  • Rubber terminal bushings absorb impact and shock
  • 1" thick posts with brass insert which connects to a highly conductive copper cell connector that allows for greater operating and charging current loads; ideal for opportunity and rapid charge applications
  • Completely insulated copper cell connectors prevent short circuiting and have far less voltage leakage to the truck, this is especially important in higher voltage vehicles
  • Acid resistant bolt-on cell connectors and cables allow for field replacement of cells and cables by in-house maintenance or field personnel
Optional Sealed Forklift Battery Tray

Optional Sealed Tray

If the occasional dripping fluid which arises from over-watering or washing poses a contamination or housekeeping issue or if electrical equipment is located directly under the battery compartment, SBS can provide a sealed tray option.Instead of excess fluids draining from the bottom of the battery, excess fluid can be suctioned out through a vertical tube located between the battery cells.

Battery Watering Benefits - Low Maintenance

  • Flip top vent caps for easy filling
  • Over 3" of watering space reduces watering intervals(most other standard tubular and flat plates have between 1” and 2")

Optional Electrolyte Indicator:Philadelphia Scientific Blinky & Smart Blinky Watering Monitors

Ultra-reliable electrolyte-level Indicator with green blinking light and single wire connection

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