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WBP Walk -A-Puller

The WBP is a completely portable battery changer for the small fleet with a wide variety of battery compartment heights (up to 27").

The Walk-A-Puller (WBP) is designed handle a wide variety of lift truck and motive power applications from the low profile AGV batteries to the high capacity turret trucks and counter balance trucks.

The WBP combines its own power and drive unit, carriage assembly and attachment system to give you a portable, but complete, heavy-duty battery handler. The unit's ease of operation allows qualified lift truck operators to safely and easily change their own lift truck batteries.

The Walk-A-Puller is recommended for those applications requiring 20 to 40 battery changes per day where battery compartment height variation is greater than 6" or over 12" above the floor. Two WBP models are available to meet virtually any battery handling need.

Choose the only full-featured portable battery changer in the industry.


  • Enables battery changing at various locations
  • Capable of reaching virtually all battery storage compartments
  • Allows for battery attachment over wide outriggers
  • Ensures stability under maximum load conditions
  • Allows operator to choose the safest speed at which to retrieve and transport each lift truck battery
  • Allows lift truck operator to safely change battery


  • Portable, self-contained battery changer unit
  • Adjustable extraction arm
  • Standard 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Two speed electric drive
  • Ease of operation
  • Front loading
  • Vacuum extraction
  • Single point/Dead-man controls
  • Up-Down and In-Out hydraulic powered
  • 24V battery pack with 110V built-in charger
  • Dual battery safety slop
  • Turning radius: 84"
  • Hour meter


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MTC walk-a-puller top view

MTC Walk-a-Puller battery changer side view SBS Battery

Typical customers purchase the Walk-A-Puller when they need to service a facility with a wide variety of sit-down, narrow aisle and/or pallet trucks. The ability of the WBP to change batteries in different style vehicles in different locations of a factory, warehouse or distribution center makes the unit one of the most versatile and affordable battery pullers on the market today.

The adjustable extraction arm allows easy access to batteries over wide outriggers. The retracted reach of the extraction arm is 6.75" and it is adjustable in 1" increments up to a maximum reach of 11.75".

If lift trucks require conversion to allow for side extraction, slide strips and roller systems are available from SBS. We also offer a magnetic extraction option.

General Information

Maximum Load Capacity 4000
Hydraulic Pump Type Gear
Power Unit (Battery) Type Absorbed glass mat
Battery Attachment Mechanism Vacuum cup
System Voltage 24 V
Model Color Yellow
Roller Diameter 2.5 in.
Roller Shaft Size 11/16 in.
Push/Pull Drive Chain Size #50
Minimum Service Aisle Width Required 14 ft.

Reach Information

A - Vacuum Cup Reach (Draw Bar Fully Retracted) 4 7/8 in.
B - Vacuum Cup Reach (Draw Bar Fully Extended) 11 7/8 in.

Basic Dimensions

C - Vacuum Cup Size (Standard/Optional) 10 in. round / 7 in. x 12 in.
D - Overall Length 108 1/2 in.
E - Overall Width 56 9/16 in.
F - Overall Height 68 in.
G - Maximum Compartment Depth (Draw Bar Fully Retracted) 48 in.
H - Minimum Compartment Depth (Draw Bar Fully Extended) 41 in.
I - Battery Compartment Width 40 1/2 in.
Maximum Battery Length 44 in.
Maximum Battery Width 40 in.
Maximum Battery Height 32 in.
Minimum Battery Length 14 in.
Minimum Battery Width 7.5 in.
Minimum Battery Height 18 in.
P - Wheelbase 75 in.
Ground Clearance (Carriage Elevated 1") 1 1/2 in.
Grade Clearance 10%
Turning Radius 7 ft.
T - Minimum Floor-to-Roller Height 3.625 in.
Maximum Floor-to-Roller Height 27.5 in.
Adjustable Height Off Floor 3 1/2 to 27 1/2 in.


Service Weight (Unloaded, Including Power Pack) 2800 lb.


Maximum Travel Speed (Unloaded/Loaded) 240/180 fpm
Carriage Raise/Lower Speed 8 fpm
Vacuum Arm Travel Speed 22 fpm
Rated Draw Bar Pull 900 lb.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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