T-105 Deep-Cycle Flooded

MODEL: T-105 with Bayonet, Master-Vent or HydroLink
BATTERY: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery
COLOR: Maroon (case/cover)
MATERIAL: Polypropylene
WATERING SYSTEM: HydroLink™ Watering System

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Application Information

Trojan T-105 6V Flooded Battery
225 Ah

Independent research has shown that installers and integrators rate Trojan’s batteries as “the most durable and long-lasting.”
Trojan is ISO 9000:2001 certified and their products undergo nearly 200 points of product inspections prior to leaving our manufacturing plants.
Maxguard® XL Advanced Design Separator is 30% thicker and stronger, resists stratification, extends life and lowers overall maintenance costs.
Alpha Plus® paste formulation promotes longer life and optimum performance.
Polyon™ - an ultra-rugged case design that stands up to the harshest of environments.

Name T-105 Deep-Cycle Flooded
Model Number T-105
Weight 62.000000
Voltage(V) 6
Cell Dimension (Inches) 10.30 x 7.13 x 11.15