Battery Handling Systems

Battery Changing & Handling Equipment

For Forklift and Industrial Battery Rooms

  • battery changing systems and battery handling equipment Dual Level, Side Extraction with Battery Selector System and On-Board Watering System

    Man-Aboard Battery Changing Systems

    These high density battery changing and storage systems allow maximum use of floor space. Operator-aboard battery extractor systems are engineered for safety. We have many models to chose from, from 1 to 6 levels high and with capabilities of 10 to 300 battery changes per day.

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  • portable forklift battery changing and extraction systems

    Portable Battery Changing Equipment

    A full line of battery changers and carriages ideal for operations that are changing forklift batteries daily. We offer powered and non-powered battery changers, many of which can be customized to exact battery extraction and changing needs.

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  • forklift battery stand and station

    Forklift Battery Roller Stands

    These battery and charger stations are made of heavy duty steel, with non-conductive, spring-loaded rollers, featuring adjustable legs and battery safety stops. Customizable.

    Battery stations with rollers (two and three compartment)
    Single, double or triple stack stands
    Battery service stations, with or without shelves
    Hardwood battery stations

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  • Stand and Accessories for Industrial Forklift Battery Chargers

    Charger Stands and Accessories

    Stands and accessories for your industrial charger.

    Wall Mounted Charger Support
    Floor Mounted Charger Support
    High Frequency Charger Stands
    Charger Cable Retractor

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  • overhead battery crane

    Gantry and Bridge Cranes

    For overhead battery extraction, these powered or non-powered systems can be configured for virtually any requirement and can be easily expanded or moved. SBS can also provide a custom bridge crane solution for your changing needs.

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  • battery lifting beams

    Battery Lifting Accessories

    Battery Handling & Lifting

    Battery handling beams
    Fork attachments
    Hoists/trolley kits

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  • battery changing station

    Customized & Installed Battery Handling Systems

    SBS can design, engineer, and install the proper battery changing equipment to meet the specific needs of your location. We pay attention to the details when designing a battery changing room.

    Safety: SBS only utilizes and recommends equipment that meets or exceeds OSHA regulations.

    Efficiency: Battery changing can be timely and costly without the proper equipment. SBS will specify and recommend equipment that will provide a high rate of return without draining your budget.

    Quality: SBS is one of the top distributors for Materials Transportation Company (MTC). Their high quality combined with SBS' know-how will give you many years of trouble-free service.

    Turnkey Installations: SBS specializes in designing and coordinating installations of battery changing equipment. This eliminates having to work with multiple contractors throughout the design and installation process.

    SBS personnel perform the installation and service on the equipment themselves. There's only one call to make for equipment and service!

    Watch our New Philadelphia Scientific partner video on forklift battery changing systems!