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Telecom Power Systems

DC Power Solutions for Telecom Power Systems                       

telecomStorage Battery Systems, LLC (SBS) is a leader in the production and distribution of stationary battery banks and battery charging systems to the utility market. SBS's stationary battery systems are designed for substation/switchgear and other utility/telecom applications.


Battery & charging systems for utility substations, control centers & reclosers using NiCad, flooded batteries with ferro, SCR & IGBT microprocessor controlled chargers, Saft, Alcad, Hindle, Hitran, Exide   View Utility Video

Flooded/Wet Cell Batteries

  STT/OPzS series battery for telecom applications





STT (OPzS) Series

2V, 6V and 12V units available from 55 to 3585+ AH


VRLA AGM Batteries

  AGM series battery for oil & gas




2V Modular Battery Systems: 100 - 400 AH

  E-AGM battery for telecom applications




2V Modular Battery Systems: 200 - 3,000 AH

  S series battery for telecom applications




6V and 12V Batteries: 30 - 225 AH

  AFT series battery for telecom applications






12V Front Access Batteries: 55 - 225 AH


VRLA GEL Batteries

  OPzV series batteries for telecom applications




2V Gel Batteries: 200 - 3,000 AH

  G series battery for telecom applications




6V and 12V Gel Batteries: 30 - 225 AH

  GEL series battery systems for telecom applications






2V Modular Battery Systems: 200 - 2,000 AH





Nickel Cadmium Batteries

  KP series Ni-Cad battery for telecom applications




Flooded Ni-Cad Batteries (Single Cell): 10 - 480 AH

  KB Ni-Cad Battery for telecom applications




Flooded Ni-Cad Batteries (Multi-Cell): 8 - 1,540 AH

  Ni-Cad VRPP batteries for telecom applications






Valve-Regulated Ni-Cad Batteries: 8 - 728 AH






Battery System Cabinets & Racks

  Battery system enclosures for telecom applications



Cabinets & Enclosures

Customized Battery System Enclosures

  Battery racks for telecom applications



Battery Racks

Standard and Seismic

  Battery spill containment for telecom applications





Battery Spill Containment

Pans and Pillows





Battery Testing Equipment

  Battery testers for telecom applications





Test Equipment

Hydrometers, Analyzers, Load Banks, Hydrogen Detectors





Battery Maintenance & Service

  Battery service and maintenance for telecom applications



Battery Service

Installation, Preventative Maintenance (PM), Load Tests, IEEE Maintenance Requirements